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No hosting, no domains, no maintenance. This app works right out of a Google Sheet, just like an add-on. 

Use your Gmail account to send offer letters to new employees or volunteers. Customize offer letter and attachments.

Main Features

Automate onboarding and hiring at a scale

The base app is made of free robust tools available. Freely scale your hiring more on campus or remote workers. The tool will scale with you. It's tested and tried. Go for it.


Onboard employees to understand the values and workflows in your organization. Build culture from day one. Save time on employees which do not match your values as they get weeded out in the onboarding process.


Engage employees with bi-weekly surveys asking them on their engagement score, general feel and what are the tasks they would like to work on in the coming weeks. Giving them those tasks improves productivity.


Build employee advocacy in the onboarding. Getting more shares & likes for your social media and increasing word of mouth about your company.


Other HR software cost minimum $50 per month and there is a per employee fee.

Save time. Increase Engagement. Nothing to lose.

Get Started for Free You can get setup and test it out in 3 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to install Employee Onboarding App?

Employee Onboarding App is a Google sheets add-on. It is easy to get started to send a customized offer letter by following the below steps

* Create a [new Google sheet in your Google Drive](http://sheets.google.com/create) to use specifically for Employee Onboarding. Now the next step is to install the add-on.
* Click on Add-ons menu in your spreadsheet besides the Help menu
* Click on Get Add-ons from the options
* Search for "Employee Onboarding App"
* Click on the "+Free" button in front of the Employee Onboarding App result and accept the permissions
* Just click on "Run setup" under Employee Onboarding App menu under tools. It will get you setup with everything to start with sending offer letter and exit letter.
* That is it! Now it will run you through the setup. And at the end of it you should be all set to send customized offer letter!
* In case of questions - [reach out to us](/contact)

3. How do I send an exit letter?

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